This sounds like it is an easy thing to do, however, there are a complex array of products available, all with positives and negatives, and it requires a high level of skill to delve through the murky waters and decide what is right for you.

Investment planning needs to be broken down into future needs depending on the age that you commence your planning. Young investors are faced with potentially getting married; purchasing property; providing for children’s educational needs; building a kitty for future travel plans; property maintenance down the line – the list goes on and on.

All of these areas need to be carefully considered, and it is not just a matter of purchasing an endowment or a retirement annuity, but rather an in-depth analysis of your wants and needs and adapting that tou your ever-changing circumstances (and they DO change as life progresses).


This is an ugly word to many people, but once again, it remains one of those necessary evils that we all need to consider. Yes, when you are young and single there probably is no immediate need for you to have life cover. However, all of that changes when you have dependents, and the good news is that life insurance is not expensive when you are young, so the time for planning is before you get too old!

Unfortunately, no one can plan for the unexpected, and the last thing anyone needs is for the bread winner to pass away, leaving a legacy of debt such as a bond or car lease (or both in most cases) with zero cash flow.

Your Deton financial planner will assist in addressing these areas and providing the correct solution to cater for them