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Bob Bartholomew
Founder and CEO

Bob started in the financial industry in 1986, after which he co-founded a financial advisory company in 1987 with two other partners, and built a successful, innovative company that revolutonised the industry in the early days. In 2013 he decided it was time to move on and start a company where he could have a more “Family” orientated business, bringing his sons into the game.

He was extremely proud to be able to convince 95% of then his client base, many of whom had been with him since the start,  to join him and his family in this exciting new venture within Deton, the bulk of whom remain with him to this day.

Bob, as everyone knows, is the heart and soul of Deton. Despite his “advanced” years, he is always there, day and night, on his laptop either replying to clients or writing his weekly.

Email Address: bob@detonpw.co.za


Zack Bartholomew
Wealth Advisor/Director

Zack started with Deton in 2013, where he came to assist with clients and giving advice. Prior to this, he worked in Sales, and then as a Sale manager at BMW. When he began at Deton he started studying with Milpark, and since then he has achieved his Higher certificate in Financial Planning, Advanced Certificate in financial planning and is busy with his Postgraduate diploma in Financial planning. Zack is always willing to go the extra mile to see clients and make sure that they always have the best advice before any investment is done.

Zack brings a new and dynamic approach to the company and is always available to sit and have a cup of coffee to chat about life. If you need anything from Advice, Estate Planning, Life insurance, Financial planning or advice on your current policies he is always there and willing to assist.

Email Address: zack@detonpc.co.za

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Nerisha Letchman
Head Administrator

Nerisha is the doyen of the Deton Group and has been in the financial industry for over 25 years. She started her journey with Bob in 2007 at his previous company and later moved with him to Deton in 2013. Nerisha, who every client knows by name (and calls on her cell just to chat), has a personal relationship with the Deton clients. Nerisha brings her own blend of energy to the company – she is always that person to talk to if you have a problem and says it as it is!!

Nerisha is the one person that loves to work more than anything and would do anything for the company and the people that work with her. She is very family orientated and her ideal weekend is being with family and making sure they are always happy. She is the mother to this company and looks after everyone within it, and this is what we love about Deton – we treat clients like family, resulting in our clients remianing loyal to us.  They are not just numbers in a system but rather family within the company.

Email Address: nerisha@detonpw.co.za


Nicolas Letchman
Client Liaison Manager

Nicolas Started with Deton in 2014 and came in to assist on the administrative side of Deton. Prior to Deton he worked in the forensic unit in the banking sector, where he has completed his studies in 2018. Since he has been with Deton he has passed his Financial Concepts exam through Milpark education and intends to further his studies within the industry. Nico is never scared to take on a challenge and always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude when dealing with our clients. Nicolas has a passion for his work (and Soccer) and brings a positive energy with him as soon as he walks through the door. There is never a dull moment when Nico is in the room and always making someone laugh.

He is a family man and will do anything for his family (blood or water) and goes above and beyond for everyone he knows, especially our clients. He is hard working and all our clients know him by name, and this is what we thrive on at Deton – having a personal touch with our clients.

Email Address: nicolas@detonpw.co.za


Jatish Jaikarun

Jatish Started with Deton in 2018, where he will be doing the marketing, sales and all social Media. Prior to Deton, Jatish working as a Client relation Manager with BMW and then ran his own company where his was in sales and marketing.

Jatish is the type of person that walks (and by that he ‘never walks alone’) in every morning with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. He is always on social media, making Deton known to the world and keeping clients aware of what is happening within the company. Jatish brings a young and dynamic feel to the company and with his social media knowledge he will always be there to keep everyone up to speed with what is happening in the world.

Email Adress: Jatish@detonpc.co.za


Filing Clerk

Esther started with Deton in 2014, and since then she has brought nothing but sunshine and happiness within the company. From the minute she walks through the doors to the time she leaves there is never a frown on her face, she is always talking to everyone and has the most energy in the office.

When clients come in, she is always there asking if they need coffee, tea or water and makes sure the office is always looking amazing. Esther is always willing to learn new things and hates sitting around doing nothing, she is learning how to get more involved in the administrative role where she actively helps Nerisha and Nico with filing and day to day activities. Ester is always there no matter what and is always the first one to get involved when you need help.